Bone Broth


Organic chicken bone broth

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Oven roasted organic chicken backs and feet are simmered 60 hours, with a half cup of rice vinegar, to create a rich and healthy stock. 3 hours before completion oven roasted onions are added to infuse a sweet richness to the broth. Broth is slightly salted at a rate of 1/2 teaspoon per quart (32 ounces).

3 gallons (1 full batch) stored in 13 heavy duty food grade plastic quart containers (5.40 per quart). 29.5 ounces per container. Frozen, fresh, or any combination there of.

Broth is good for 7 days refigerated.

Orders can be customized: No salt, added herbs etc…


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Bone broth

1 quart, 3 gallons


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